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Conquering the Southern Abyss: A Thrilling Journey to the Summit of Mt. Rinjani

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Conquering the Southern Abyss: A Thrilling Journey to the Summit of Mt. Rinjani


Title: Conquering the Southern Abyss: A Thrilling Journey to the Summit of Mt. Rinjani

Entrance Point: Jati Village, Timbanuh

Exit Point: Sembalun Lawang

Max Altitude: 3726m, the Majestic Peak of Gunung Rinjani

Min. Summit Temperature: 0-8°C at Night

Grade: An Epic Adventure - The Hardest and Most Extreme Route via Timbanuh

Equipment: Fixed Ropes Essential for Challenging Passes - Worth Every Effort to Reach the Summit

Team Members: Tashi, Dekey, Yu Pin & Wife, Tay & Au

Lombok Team: Ming & RMET Members

Porters: Suria, Ramadhan, Suma & Ah Heng's Son


The Expedition Unfolds: A Glimpse into the Heart of Rinjani

Our journey began at the remote Timbanuh village, the seldom-trodden southern gateway to the formidable Mt. Rinjani. A route reserved for local anglers and intrepid hunters, Timbanuh offered a unique challenge that only the most adventurous spirits dared to undertake.

The initial climb, from Timbanuh gate to Pos I, felt like a dance with nature - a trek through tropical forests and crystal-clear rivers. As the trail ascended to Pos II amidst mossy forests, the difficulty intensified. The reward, however, awaited at Pos III, perched at the edge of an alpine grassland, offering a breathtaking view of the soaring South Peak of Mt. Rinjani. The sun's golden hues painted the landscape, creating a magical moment in the fairy meadow at 2300m ASL.

As the temperature dropped and darkness enveloped us, we decided to set camp between Pos III and Pos IV, beneath the glittering stars of a pristine night sky. Little did we know that this was just the beginning of the challenges that awaited us.

A Cliffside Descent and the Fairyland of Stars

The second day was marked by a descent from Pelawangan, the rim, to the lake shore of Danao Segara Anak. What seemed like a leisurely three-hour walk turned into a six-hour descent down a sheer 700m cliff face. Clinging to ropes, maneuvering along precarious cracks, we navigated this hair-raising path, arriving at the lakeside campground, our haven for the night.

Amidst the fairy meadow on the first day, at 2300m ASL, we marveled at the beauty of the caldera as the sun set. The biting cold wind swept across the meadows, setting the stage for a night under the stars. With layers of clothing and sleeping bags, we reveled in the magic of a fairyland night, our eyes drawn to the galaxies above.

Sailing Across the Abyss: Danau Segara Anak to Pelawangan Sembalun

Our adventure continued as we paddled across Danau Segara Anak on rafts constructed by Ming and our porters. A volcanic spa at the foot of Gunung Barujari awaited us, offering rejuvenation in its heated pools. With makeshift rubber rafts, we sailed across the lake, facing challenges from broken paddles, punctured tubes, and icy waters. Despite the adversities, we reached Basecamp Danau, our spirits undeterred.

Summit Assault and the Triumph Over Adversity

The summit day dawned, and our ascent to Pelawangan Sembalun commenced. Scaling the final ridge, we faced mentally torturous terrain - a powder of rocks and sand that demanded relentless effort. With determination, Tay, who had recently injured his ankle, conquered this challenge alongside the team. The peak, standing tall at 3726m, witnessed our triumph over physical and mental obstacles.

Descending from the summit, we navigated the tourist route, a steep descent from Pelawangan to Sembalun Lawang. Six hours of descent under the scorching sun led us back to civilization, marking the end of an extraordinary journey into the heart of Rinjani.

As we reminisce about the Southern Abyss, we carry with us the memories of a challenging climb, breathtaking landscapes, and the indomitable spirit of adventure that binds us together.


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