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About Us



Have you ever slept under an open sky studded with a billion stars or camped in a rugged tent with wildlife prowling about? Maybe scaled a mountain that affords breathtaking views or hiked a glacier in the howling wind? Well, we’re here to share with you our wonderful experiences, in the hope that you too, can discover the magic of the great outdoors.

Come fly free in the wilderness beyond, enrich your mind and soul, and reap the health benefits nature serves you.

Go Campthing is the little dream of two people who have spent some of the best years of their lives embracing the outdoors and beauty of nature. And the more we connected with Mother Nature, the more we wanted to share her joys with others. Be it trekking, camping or forest bathing, we would love to be a part of your journey.

But as with most things, quality comes at a price, and this is where we step in. Our Go Campthing Shop aspires to provide you with quality, practical and innovative camping and outdoor gear, that will enable you connect in optimum measure with nature - all at affordable price tags! Rest assured that these are items and equipment we have personally found to be useful in our years of trekking and camping.

If you’re a seasoned nature lover, you would know that outdoor living can be pretty comfortable; but if you’re new to this sphere of adventure, know that you can indeed transport the comforts of your living room and kitchen to a campsite. Even better is that you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket on a glamping set up but rather, create your own experience with the warm, personal touches your budget allows.

Having said all this, let us now touch on a vital issue, which is the ongoing nature and wildlife crisis. So many species of wildlife have gone into extinction and we now stand at the crossroads of seeing more species going the same way or, taking steps towards protecting them. Without wildlife and their habitats, the true spirit of nature would cease to exist. Through the Go Campthing platform, we also invite you to champion our “Outdoor for a Cause” in supporting wildlife conservation.

For this, we have chosen tapir conservation as we see ourselves as having much connectivity to these incredible mammals. The versatile tapir swims like a fish, climbs mountains like a goat and manoeuvres forest trails swiftly. There are four living species of the tapir, each with a distinct appearance and habitat range. The Mountain Tapir lives in the cloud forests of Andes mountain range; the Baird’s and Lowland tapirs live in the rainforests of Central and South America while the Malayan Tapir inhabits the tropical forests of Southern Thailand, Myanmar, Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. Sadly, loss of habitat and poaching have resulted in tapirs being now declared, endangered and vulnerable.

When tapirs roam the forests, they inadvertently disperse seeds. Thus, to regenerate forests, we do need these precious animals. So help us, join us in our cause. Each time you support Go Campthing, you will be one step closer as part of the community to support people and the planet. When we all work together, 1% adds up.


1. Coming soon! We aim to be part of the 1% For The Planet's network. The 1% For The Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions collectively. Annual commitment: 1% of brand sales. Read more about it:

2. Coming soon! "The Play Wild Project" : the project wants to help take children away from their computer screens and into the vibrant world around them, let the children play and experience the great outdoors.