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Mino Ware Coffee Cup Saucer 110cc

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  • Bowl : 8 x 10.5 x Height 6.5cm
  • Plate : Width 14 x Height 2cm
  • Capacity : 110 cc
  • Country of manufacture: Japan
  • Material / component: Pottery
  • Package: Cardboard box
  • Shipped from Malaysia

A wide variety of pottery produced in Higashi-Mino, Gifu Prefecture.
Mino ware, supported by a long history and tradition. Mino ware has a long history, dating back more than 1,300 years ago. At first, the technique of Sueki was passed down from the Korean Peninsula. In the Heian period (10th century), ash-glazed pottery, called white ceramics, began to produce. This white ceramic is a refined version of Sue ware and uses glaze. From around this time, the number of kilns increased and the area became a full-fledged pottery production area. From the Azuchi-Momoyama era to the early Edo era, pottery was produced that reflected the tastes of tea people along with the trend of tea ceremony.

Fortunately, Mino ware has won many recessions without being hit by fire,
Now it boasts the highest production volume in Japan in both name and reality.
Western tableware accounts for about 51% of domestic production, Japanese tableware about 58%, and tiles about 41%.
Mino ware makes up the majority of tableware used in Japan.