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Mountain Tapir 10 pc Pegs Stake 40 cm for Camping Outdoor Ground Nail Tent Flysheet Metal Peg Black

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  • Length: 40cm
  • Weight: about 255g each
  • Total weight of 10 pcs: 2kg
  • Diameter: 8.55mm


  • Surface Treatment: Cationic Electrodeposition Coating The pegs used to secure tents, tarp ropes and tent skirts to the ground are essential for keeping wind protected and comfortable and safe.
  • Extremely Sturdy Forged Pegs. By applying about 1 ton of strong pressure to a round shape of 1,100 degrees F (1,100 degrees C). Forged pegs can be pushed into hard surfaces and are resistant to breakage. Round steel material is used, so the strength of the stone will break it. Perfect for leisure, family camping, solo camping, mountain climbing, etc