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Embark on a thrilling expedition through the remote Timbanuh village to conquer the majestic Gunung Rinjani's southern route. Traverse steep cliffs, paddle across Danau Segara Anak, and face the mental and physical challenges of a summit assault. Join us on this epic adventure, where every hardship is a step closer to the triumph at 3726m. Explore the heart of Rinjani, where fairy meadows, breathtaking views, and the indomitable spirit of adventure await. A journey beyond limits.

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This trek is one of the most popular multi-day walk in Tajikistan for its combination of mountain scenery and relatively easy accessibility.

The route passed through the shimmering blue alpine lakes of Kulikalon and Alaudin in the heart of the Fann Mountains.  The area is very accessible by car from the capital Dushanbe as well as the border town of Penjikent.

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